FACT Failure to repair a broken fence post will increase the wind stresses on the adjacent posts by 50%*
FACT The increase in load on adjacent posts will cause them to fail prematurely
FACT This will cause progressive collapse of the entire fence structure

Now available a quick, easy to use product to repair broken timber fence posts while
still in the ground!

The benefits of using Post Buddy are clear

  • Saves hours of laborious work
  • No need to waste time digging up the existing post and base
  • No need to dismantle the existing fence panels
  • Repair the broken post where it stands
  • Unobtrusive
  • Adds years to the life of a fence
per stake
+ P&P
Each mild steel stake measures 750mm x 25mm x 5mm
Post Buddy a system of mild steel stakes driven deep into the underground concrete and timber base, providing a firm anchor to secure the existing fence post
Simple and quick to install
All you need is the Post Buddy system consisting of 2 steel stakes, a lump hammer, a screwdriver, a handful of screws and 20 spare minutes.
How to install
  • Offer up one of the stakes and drive between the concrete base and the underground remains of the timber post
  • Once driven to the ‘Max’ line, secure the stake to the post through the centre of the slotted hole
  • Offer up the second stake, drive into position and secure as described above
  • Level up the post and secure through the remaining screw holes
View the Post Buddy installation video and see how you can save yourself hours of hard work by using this amazing new fence post repair system.
*typical 1.8m high close boarded fence with posts at 2m centres

UK Patent Granted 1210616.7, International Patent Pending PCT/GB2012/051374