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post buddy wayne and gaby phelan

Meet The Family Behind Post Buddy

Wayne and Gaby Phelan founded Fence-Aid, the company behind Post Buddy, in 2010. Although it is now a thriving family business based in Sheffield England, the idea for Post Buddy started with a simple problem in the Phelan family’s backyard.

Wayne noticed that his wood fence posts had rotted at ground level, then snapped during the next storm. After a post broke, the rest of the fence would lean, leaving it in danger of total collapse.

Tired of digging out and replacing his broken fence posts, Wayne put his experience as a construction manager to work, designing the original prototypes for what is now Post Buddy.

Though it started as a simple home DIY project, Post Buddy took off when Wayne and Gaby committed themselves to the family business.

The present & Future

Gaby, a former Executive Assistant, applies her knowledge and experience growing the business and ensuring that Fence Aid’s customers always receive top-tier customer service.

In just 7 years, sales have skyrocketed, and Fence Aid has even set up a hub across the pond!

Wayne and Gaby chose Verde, a premier eco-friendly fulfillment company in Boise Idaho, to fulfill their Post Buddy orders in the United States. Verde is the perfect fit for Post Buddy because their customer service is unparalleled.

Wayne and Gaby love to hear from their customers (or potential customers). You can connect with them in the following ways…

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