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Why do wood fence posts break?

  • Lumber posts generally decay where they come into contact with damp soil
  • Wood fence posts therefore rot at ground level just above the concrete base, but are still solid below and above this damaged area
  • During windy weather the weakened posts will snap, causing the fence to lean
  • After one fence post breaks, the unsupported weight of that section of fencing will start to pull down the adjacent fence posts and eventually cause the whole fence to collapse

Post Buddy, the quick, easy fence post repair system

  • The unique Post Buddy fence post support system will fix your broken fence posts where they stand
  • The bottom 20 inches of the Post Buddy stake anchors firmly into the below ground wood of the post, supported by the surrounding concrete base
  • Once the top of the Post Buddy is securely screwed to the fence post, it bridges the broken section and re-joins the two pieces of the snapped post by creating a solid link
  • Unlike other repairs, Post Buddy will allow you to fix any size and shape concreted-in wood fence post in even difficult to reach places, without destroying mature planting


post buddy installation tools

Before you start the repair of your fence post it is recommended that you have the following items to hand, to ensure a successful and lasting result

1. 16 external grade wood screws (#10 x 2") per pack of Post Buddys

2. Spirit Level

3. Sledge Hammer

4. Drill with screw bit attachment

5. Protective Gloves

6. Shovel




(Diagrams as viewed from above)


post buddy installation diagram
post buddy installation diagram

  1. Look at the diagrams above to work out what type of fencing you have and decide where you need to position your Post Buddy stakes
  2. Remove enough of the soil from around the base of the fence post to expose the existing concrete
  3. Place the tip of the 1st Post Buddy stake in position against the wood of the fence post where it meets the concrete base
  4. Use a sledge hammer to drive the Post Buddy into the below ground wood of the fence post as far as it will go, but no further than the ‘MAX’ line (Heavy duty protective gloves should be worn) * **
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the 2nd Post Buddy
  6. Pull the post straight. Loosely fix screws to the fence post through the centre of the slotted holes at the top of both repair stakes (using good quality external grade wood screws measuring #10 x 2")
  7. Once the 2 Post Buddy stakes are in place and loosely attached to the fence post, use a spirit level to fine-tune the post to achieve the perfect upright angle
  8. Whilst keeping the post straight, fully tighten the screws in the slotted holes, then secure the repair stakes to the fence post through the remaining screw holes
  9. Your wood fence post is now securely fixed.

* As with any device driven into the ground, satisfy yourself that there are no services within the vicinity (e.g. gas, electrics, water)

** The inevitable effect of using a lump hammer to drive in the post buddy is that the paint may chip at the top edge. This will not affect the functionality

post buddy watch installation video
post buddy installation diagram