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The Post Buddy is in and my fence is plumb again! Hardest part was getting around my hedge to install it. Thanks from Texas!

R Maresh, Texas

“ They really work. Many products don't live up to their claims. I just ordered more to have if I (or friends) need them in the future.

James M., Michigan

Used your Post Buddy’s on a loose fence post. It worked GREAT! Was easy to accomplish by myself. Thanks for making a product that saved me money and that works as well as in the video.

Sylvia R., Lansing, Michigan

“Post buddies certainly fulfilled my expectations; 100%. Thanks for the excellent service.”

S Currier, Washington State


“High five to @PostBuddySystem. Saved a ton of time/money with my broken fence post. Awesome product. ”

John Greuel, Wisconsin

We used this system to repair our rotted posts, works like a dream. Fence looks great and it saved us lots of dollars by not having to replace the fence. Thank you Post Buddy

Jaz Harmondy, California

“ I can’t fault the service you guys have provided and will definitely be using Post Buddy’s on all future jobs. Best design ever and saved so much time and effort

Ollie B, Oklahoma

I tackled the broken post this morning and the job was finished in less than 30 minutes. The post is now firm and ready for the winter. The Post Buddy system is a brilliant idea and I'll definitely order another set when the next post breaks!

D Morton, Bristol

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